Kaospilot Taking THREAD into the unknown

Posted on 21 Sep 2016 in Innovation, OpenTHREAD, Social Responsibility | 0 comments

The room was a bit uneasy. No one knew exactly what to expect.  We were all called there because we had some common ideas but know one knew each other or where we were headed.  50 people sat around the room to ‘explore an emerging vision’ and four were asked to move to the center […]

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Give yourself permission to lead

Posted on 13 Mar 2014 in Fryshuset, Innovation, Leadership, Purpose, Social Responsibility | 0 comments

In the past few years I have spent hundreds and hundreds of hours coaching, supporting, challenging and inspiring (hopefully) senior leaders to stand up for what they believe in.  Yesterday I spent the evening with Ashoka.  If you don’t know it, you should.  They are a role model and source of inspiration for me.  Listening […]

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Ginobili’s Got Talent

Posted on 04 Jan 2014 in Creativity, Innovation, Leadership, Teamwork, THREADsports | 0 comments

Manu Ginobili has been one of the world’s best basketball players during the past decade. What makes him special, however, is not just his skill but a rare combination of creativity and intelligence. When you watch him play, it is as if he is playing to a different soundtrack. The tempo is different. His footwork […]

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Socrates would make a great CEO

Posted on 01 Mar 2013 in Innovation, Teamwork | 0 comments

The worst ignorance is to be ignorant of your own ignorance.  Words to live by. The first time I really discovered Socrates was on the top floor of the library in University.  I had a little spot there with a window that looked out over campus.  It was a bird’s eye view which I loved. […]

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