Självkänsla vs självförtroende

Posted on 19 Oct 2016 in Purpose, THREADconsulting | 0 comments

Jag kommer idag att gräva i orden självkänsla och självförtroende och försöka bena ut vilka olika effekter de har i ledarskap. Båda orden har i dagligt tal en väldigt positiv klang och är något som varje rekryterare söker bland sina kandidater inte minst till chefspositioner. Det ska sägas att det idag inte finns helt vedertagna […]

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Vikten av det inre syftet

Posted on 12 Oct 2016 in Leadership, Purpose, Teamwork, THREADconsulting | 0 comments

Hur kommer det sig att vissa människor sprider en känsla av trygghet och tillit medan andra inte gör det? Hur kommer det sig att vissa personer fångar ens uppmärksamhet medan vi förblir totalt likgiltiga inför andra? Hur kommer det sig att vissa ledare får massor av lojala följare medan andra inte får några oavsett hur […]

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The need for conscious leadership

Posted on 23 Sep 2016 in Leadership, Purpose, THREADconsulting | 0 comments

I´ve always claimed that the aim of every leader should be to make him/herself superfluous. At the risk of sounding contradictory I also argue that leadership has never been more important than today. It seems to me that it´s hard to pinpoint a single problem anywhere that is not a result of poor leadership or […]

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Former Stadium Director joins THREAD team

Posted on 14 Sep 2016 in Leadership, THREADconsulting | 0 comments

Imagine a job where everyday you talked to people about what matters most in their lives. What type of relationships do you think might be created when that is the subject of conversation?  In this working space, titles become less important and traditional roles between consultant and customer are blurred.  It is who you are […]

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If you really want it, apply here.

Posted on 26 Aug 2015 in Leadership, THREADconsulting | 0 comments

            We love working with people who are passionate about development.  Those who see life as a never-ending journey where the future is solely in your own hands.  If you really want to challenge yourself as a leader and take the next step, join Mats Levin (one of Swedish basketball’s […]

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