Tillväxt Stockholm – Live in Botkyrka

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First stop Botkyrka. Now we are live 🙂 The municipality of Botkyrka joins the list of THREAD customers as we work to establish the Tillväxt Stockholm model there. On a practical level this means I have committed 50% of my (Kevin) time to this initiative in 2018. We have already have a great team, smart […]

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Maria Idebro Joins the Team!

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Tomorrow is a big day for our little team. We become one teammate stronger. Maria has a long track record within the IT industry and is a great leader who is passionate about people and the world we live in. We have seen in our business just how much digitalization impacts the questions we are […]

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HR is Dead. Long live HR.

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Considering my background, I may raise a few eye brows by saying “HR is dead”. Especially since I, in my latest article predicted that to create strong organizations with motivated employees is going to be the most decisive ability for leaders in the future. But “HR is dead” is merely referring to the more traditional […]

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Kungsholmstorg is Dead!

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I remember when I first moved to Sweden and experienced it for the first time. I was walking around my neighbourhood and it felt like a ghost town.  No one was out walking their dog or playing in the park.  Cars that usually line the streets after an evening of searching and searching for the […]

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OpenTHREAD Sollentuna

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What do you want to do for your local community?  Times have changed.  Traditional lines between sectors are fading as the challenges we face in our local communities grow.  So too are the lines we draw between our own responsibilities at work and outside.  The most recent refugee wave has made it even more apparent […]

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