At THREAD we pride ourselves on developing conversations into meaningful long-term relationships.  Many of our customers have also become good friends.  You may wonder how this is possible, but the answer is simple.  When you do something you believe in, you attract others who believe in similar things.  Common values and beliefs are a foundation for not only successful business relationships but also friendship.  Financial success is often the byproduct of this focus rather than the a focus in itself.  If you’d like to start a conversation with us, you may be interested in the results we have achieved in the past.   So, we have asked a few of them to share their experiences below.



‘I´ve been in the professional services business for more than 20 years, and I co-founded HiQ in 1995. HiQ is now a listed IT-company with the best brand and positionamong our peers in the Nordics. We employ 1300 talented and extraordinary brainy people with the common mission to make the world a better place by simplifying the lives of us ordinary people.

I have always had the great pleasure to meet, greet and work with the smartest brains and biggest talents across industries over the years. Kevin is definitely one of those – working with Kevin is sheer pleasure and professionalism in the same package. And, it might very well be that Kevin is one of the smartest, and most likeable, people I worked with. Ever.  His outstanding commitment to results and the courage shown by Kevin is second to none.  He is one of the reasons for our ongoing success at HiQ.  I would feel sorry for anyone who decided not to work with him.  However. I would never recommend him to any of our competitors, he is that good.

Lars Stugemo, President and CEO, HiQ International


logo_abbvie‘Kevin quickly builds trust within the team which is critical to success.  He also inspires and keeps the energy in the team up, even when we are faced with tougher discussions.  We always leave the room with a common view, clear actions and concrete output.   He provides excellent guidance without steering or dominating.’

Anna Brodowsky, External Affairs Director, Leadership Team, AbbVie



‘I was in a situation where I was in the midst of life. I was president and owner of a company in strong growth. I had three small children, 2-4-6 years. I was in the middle of a house renovation; meanwhile my wife was going through one of the toughest times at her work.

I asked Kevin for help, and he helped me organize, prioritize, and take charge of my life despite the huge pressure that I felt.  I would never have survived this without having Kevin as my coach. He gave me the strength and energy by meeting me about once a month, and by keeping contact meanwhile by e-mail and SMS…READ MORE
Jörgen Aronsson, CEO Implema



I think the ‘Personal Management’ course is extremely useful and important.  I think all educational programs should include a course like this because it forces you to self-reflect and helps build self-confidence and self-esteem.  I developed enormously as a person during the course.  I want to also point out that Anna is a really good teacher, very pedagogical and perceptive, which I think is really important.  Participant in ‘Personal Management.’

An impressive evaluation of Anna’s work teaching the course.  The first survey result ever with all students responding over 5.0.  Nothing else to say other than, congratulations.  Perhaps we can ask Anna to present how she works so that the other consultants we use can learn from her.

Karin Lundin, Principal, Frans Schartaus Handelsinstitutet


‘I want to thank you Kevin, not only for what you did but for the passion and enthusiasm you showed in doing it.  You add another dimension to the leadership challenges we face and kept the red thread throughout, especially when you engaged the audience in discussion.  It worked very well.  You also helped the management team with the coaching behind the scenes so we could deliver with good energy and power as a team.  I am proud and happy with the result and look forward to continuing our journey together with the global tour we have ahead.’

Erik Hallberg, President and CEO, TeliaSonera International Carrier

  • WHY

    Our purpose is to create meaningful disruption.

  • HOW

    Leading people and organizations out of survival mode ‘for good.’ That is, permanently and for the betterment of society, themselves and those with whom they interact. We do this by engaging people in purposeful conversations that inspire practical behavioural change. We believe this transition is one of the keys to enabling positive change in the world and making life just a little more fulfilling for everyone.

  • WHAT

    THREADconsulting // We help CEO’s define why their organizations are meaningful and why anyone should care.  Then we work with them to make it a reality.

    THREADsports // We help athletes succeed by running events, finding them good contracts,  sponsors and a plan for life after sports.

    OpenTHREAD // We run innovative non-profit think tanks, connecting people to catalyse positive change in their local communities.


Our purpose is to create meaningful disruption.


Thread intro Final Short from THREADfilms on Vimeo

Thread-Kevin-png-3‘Today, each journey is customized and never identical, yet the services we provide are always based on the same fundamentals.  Principles that create a foundation to be more successful by being more meaningful.’Kevin Ryan

The Fundamentals 

Are you meaningful?  What is your RED THREAD?

– What is your purpose?  What is your identity, where do you want to go and why should anyone care?

Do your actions reflect your beliefs?

–  Does what you do connect with why you do it?

How do the answers to these questions impact the ability of your organization to leverage the competence it possesses and drive results?



Custom Services

These are the types of programs we run for individuals, teams and organizations:

The Meaningful Organization

How might we be more successful by adopting a more holistic and purposeful mindset in everything we do?  How might we be more meaningful to our employees, customers, shareholders and society, as a way to accelerate success?

Meaningful Executive Coaching

How might I develop the discipline to consistently align my behaviour with my goals?

Meaningful Leadership Teams

How might our Teams develop to better represent our core beliefs and help our business be more successful?

Meaningful Leadership Program

How might our leaders develop to better represent our core beliefs and help our business be more successful?

Meaningful Innovation

How might we disrupt and collaborate across our business to find new solutions to drive our business forward?

Meaningful Recruitment/Evaluation

How might we ensure that we have the right people in the right place?

Courses and Trainings

How might we improve specific skills for certain specific individuals which are in-line with our beliefs?


How might we reinforce clarity and engage our employees through consistent and clear communication that inspires?



Keynotes & Conversations


We believe we are the conversations we have. What do you need to get people talking about?

Maria Idebro:

‘Call me :-)’

Mats Levin:

‘Mental fitness, Why meditation can be a secret weapon not only in sport, but in business.’

‘What it takes to succeed at the top of any profession.’

Max Lauritzen:

‘The potential of active citizenship’

‘Latest Trends in social entrepreneurialism’

‘Design-thinking and Theory U’


Kevin Ryan:

‘Why Meaning is the new money’

‘High performing teams’

‘Be Authentic or Be Powerless: why the new skills required for effective leadership can’t be found in your CV. ’

‘Leading through complexity in a fast-paced world of rapid change’

‘Fading lines. Social responsibility of business and the solution economy.’

‘Lifestyle Disruption and Design : 10 steps to finding personal meaning and getting out of survival mode.’

Anders Härd:

‘Going Pro and Beyond – Succeeding in International Sport’

‘Talent development in youth basketball’


We have a lot of inspiring friends who we gladly recommend.  Let’s us know what you want to achieve and we can help you start a meaningful conversation…


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