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Former Stadium Director joins THREAD team

Posted on Wednesday, September 14, 2016 in Leadership, THREADconsulting | 0 comments
Written by Kevin Ryan

Imagine a job where everyday you talked to people about what matters most in their lives. What type of relationships do you think might be created when that is the subject of conversation?  In this working space, titles become less important and traditional roles between consultant and customer are blurred.  It is who you are that matters most and that everyone working together trusts each other enough to avoid the complexity of politics and misalignment.  That is when there is an opportunity to show how what you do delivers results.  In our business especially, if you don’t earn people’s trust you have no business.


I can’t think of a better example of this than at Stadium, where since 2010 we have collaborated.  It all began when Klas Westman, former HR director, met me at a coffee shop to talk about the future of Stadium.  He was a member of the management team at the time and I was asked to help them align.  Along with the team we worked together during several years and continue to work together today.  That included a journey to define the company’s values and articulate the ‘activate the world’ purpose.  This then led to the co-design and the execution with Klas of a value-based leadership program called the Stadium Leadership Academy.  This year Klas moved on from Stadium but Mats (Levin) and I continue to work with them to develop the program.

img_4367During these years I’ve got the chance to work with and meet a lot of great Stadium people, and of course Klas is one of them.  Those who know us know we aren’t shy about disagreeing with each other and love to debate, but what we definitely share are very common beliefs on the future of leadership. I respect and trust Klas a lot and so it was natural talk about what we might be able to achieve together if we were to leverage the learning from our time together.  And here we are.  Klas has now joined the team and started this past week by taking the stage at Covendum for a series of keynote speeches on important subjects that all connect back to the value-driven leadership ideals we so truly believe in.

Click here to see event details and hear him speak.


klas-det-medvet-ledarskapMeaningful change is not easy.  The forces of short-term rewards and survival mode are against us.  It requires foresight, courage and continuity.  It requires seeing your own role as a leader, and as a company, as a part of a larger context where the value you provide makes a positive impact on our world.  But when I see the ‘bottom line’ impact our work is making on an individual and organizational level, I am even more convinced that we are on the right track.  What the world needs are more of these types of conversations happening in board rooms and Klas is one of those few who are capable of driving that discussion.

Welcome to the team Klas!


See the THREADteam here

More info on our friend Mr. Westman:

Connect on linkedin,

Stadium AB (2010 – 2016)
Titel: HR Director
·       Responsible to lead and develop the the HR organisation for all Stadiums legal entities in Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Germany.
·       Member of Stadiums Management Group.
·       Developing and leading a strategic team providing; Employer branding & on-boarding, Corporate culture & leadership, Internal growth and education, Labour law and Labour environment.
·       Initiated, created and implemented new vision, corporate culture, corporate values and all people management processes affecting over 3000 employees in four counties.
·       Initiated, created and implemented Stadium Leadership Academy in all four countries and Top Talent Program.

AGO AB   (2008- 2010)
Titel: CEO
·       AGO was the leading profile advertising company in Sweden with clients like Nokia, SEB, Carlsberg, Microsoft, Hasselblad, Unilevel and more
·       Turnover approx 80 milj SEK
·       Reformed and led the management group of AGO
·       30 – 40 full time employees + full time hired external consultants
·       Reported to AGO´s board of directors and owner

More info on LinkedIn.

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