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I’m in. What about you?

Posted on Wednesday, March 12, 2014 in Fryshuset, Leadership, Purpose, Social Responsibility | 0 comments
Written by Kevin Ryan

Screen Shot 2014-03-12 at 00.19.59I am now a member of FRYSHUSET’s board of directors and today in the major business newspaper in Sweden, Dagensindustri, the following insert will be released.

Read it here first and then call me to talk about how we can enable Fryshuset together.  The future of Sweden depends on it!

WHY I Joined the Board?

Anders Carlberg, the founder of Fryshuset, was my boss for 8 years.  He was a truly unique character with an inner passion just waiting to explode at any moment and I loved that.  That didn’t make him easy to get along with all the time but that wasn’t the point.   His drive, ambition and sense of purpose were fantastic and contagious.

About a year ago, he passed away.  He was a great connector and his funeral was proof.  It was there I realized just how many wonderful people I knew because of 08 Stockholm and Fryshuset as a whole.  As I walked down the aisle towards Anders’ body to place a rose, like so many others, my eyes met one person after another who shared a common past.  

Beneath the surface I think also shared a common concern about the future.  What will happen now? Will Fryshuset bloom or falter?  Will it find a new way to remain unified in the fight for a better world or start to split and slowly dry up?


A few weeks later Birgitta (Stymne-Göransson, Chairman of Fryshuset) called and asked me to join the board.  After a few months of interviewing people in the organization, I couldn’t say no.  The place is buzzing with optimism and progress!

So now it is time to take responsibility, roll up the sleeves and see what can be done to continue that growth.  Anders style.

I’m in.  What about you?


‘Fryshuset is on the ground, working with youth everyday, giving them a voice, a purpose, a passion and a context.  Together they are testing new ideas everyday, throwing out those that don’t work and focusing on solutions.  They are agile, quick and courageous.  I am convinced every business can learn something from interacting with this organization.  It is like Fryshuset has access to window into the future.  My hope is to be able to help both parts make a meaningful connection.’  Kevin Ryan, Fryshuset Board of Directors and Founder of THREAD

(Bild: Lars Epstein)


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