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Kaospilot Taking THREAD into the unknown

Posted on Wednesday, September 21, 2016 in Innovation, OpenTHREAD, Social Responsibility | 0 comments
Written by Kevin Ryan

The room was a bit uneasy. No one knew exactly what to expect.  We were all called there because we had some common ideas but know one knew each other or where we were headed.  50 people sat around the room to ‘explore an emerging vision’ and four were asked to move to the center and debate.  For most this would be paralyzing, but not for a KAOSPILOT like Max Lauritzen.  As if he was in his element, he jumped right in and began to stimulate the discussion with questions and sharing his opinion without closing down the dialogue.  He was clearly a person with a passion and a belief in a set of ideals, a set of ideals that felt like THREAD.  I liked his energy and his intelligence and we talked during the lunch break.

It was a think tank event and I didn’t even know why I was there, but it proved afterwards that the answer was obvious:  I was there to find Max.  The following week we met and I offered him an internship which has now led to a full time job as our project leader for OpenTHREAD.

OpenTHREAD is a part of our plan to create meaningful disruption in our communities through the development of leaders who can inspire active citizenship.  We have tested all sorts of things and learned a lot in the last five years but now we have a dedicated person to take it to the next level.

Max’s focus at the moment is the initiative in our own community, ‘Kungsholmstorgs Dag,’ where he is lighting a fire under locals to get engaged and take ownership.  Over and above being front page news, this initiative is part of a wider vision he is working on funding and executing called the ‘active citizen lab.’ This involves bringing together public, civic and private stakeholders in a common effort to accelerate platforms for citizen engagement on a local level.  Here, we will also contribute by developing/training the leadership needed to enable active citizenship around social enterprises, municipal strategies and grass-roots movements like this one in Kungsholmen.


We believe working in this space requires courage despite an uncertainty of where our communities are headed and I happy to have Max on board to lead the charge.

If you want to get involved in OpenTHREAD, contact us.  We are currently looking for more volunteers, partners, sponsors and changemakers who want to get involved.  Contact Max at

Go Max Go!

Kevin // See all of us in the THREADteam

MORE ON MAX (BIO): Linkedin

New Generation Film, 2006 – 2013
In 2006 most Swedish corporate videos looked like in the 90’s and video online was something very new. As film school students, Max Lauritzen and his friend Jonatan Sköld wanted to offer a more creative and modern way of producing video content. Over the years they produced everything from small scale productions to full length documentaries and TV commercials for clients such as Telia, Oriflame, Ekerö Municipality, Karolinska Institute, KPA Pension and Electrolux.
Kaospilots, 2013 – 2016
The financial crisis, failed climate negotiations and the occupy movement became a call to action for Max. In 2013 he moved to Denmark and embarked a 3 years journey for change makers who want to use business creativity, personal mastery and enterprising leadership to create positive social change. Kaospilots is acknowledged as one of the best design schools in the world by Businessweek in 2007, and in 2011 Fast Company named it one of ten best schools for the fast evolving start-up economy.
Theory U, 2014 – 2015
Theory U is an awareness based social technology and a framework for understanding the process of creation. Max did the online MOOC-course in 2014 and the Presencing Foundation Program in Cape Town in 2015. In November 2015 he participated in the Theory U Prototype Camp at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


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