“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world.
Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead.

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OpenTHREAD is designed to  catalyze positive change. We bring together a diverse group of people who unite around a common challenge and a passion to make a meaningful difference in their community.  Learn more.



Featured Challenge 1, OpenTHREAD #9:



Entrepreneurs create jobs and jobs are good for integration. 4 of 5 jobs are created by small business. Many entrepreneurs see growth opportunities but have trouble finding people, yet Sweden has had mass immigration in recent years. How might enterpreneurs access the the contacts, capital and competence necessary to make growth a reality and thereby employ people at risk of long-term unemployment and segregation?


THREAD co-founded ‘Tillväxt Stockholm’ in April of 2017. Read more below:

Tillväxt Stockholm (TS)

Entrepreneurs create jobs and jobs are good for integration. We provide business development services and access to capital, contacts and other pro-bono professional services to entrepreneurs with between 5-25 employees who want to grow by employing people outside the mainstream labour market.  Our investor team has already committed 30 msek to invest in just these types of local businesses. TS is a non-profit initiative driven by business people but financing is shared between the public and private sector, promoting collaboration and optimising resources. For more information visit

The initiative is co-founded by Chairman Michael Treschow, Alexander and Sebastian af Jochnick, Dan Olofsson, Staffan Andersson (CEO Uppstart Malmö) and CEO Kevin Ryan. TS is inspired by Uppsart Malmö (founded by Dan Olofsson) and Tillväxt Helsingborg (Chairman Jenny Lindén Urnes).  Along with their teams, these social entrepreneurs have proven the concept works and created ‘meaningful’ employment at a lower cost than other initiatives, gaining national attention. After 8 months of work during 2017 TS  announced Botkyrka as the first partner municipality in the greater Stockholm area. The municipality approved a budget of 25 msek with a goal of 1000 jobs in the coming 5 years. THREAD is now working to establish the initiative for Tillväxt and recruiting people. You can read more and apply at

Kevin Ryan, THREAD. If you think you can contribute with resources, tips or ideas, don’t hesitate to send an email to Kevin (

Featured Challenge 2, OpenTHREAD #8:




Kungsholmstorg has everything, including the challenge of dealing with change. Within a few hundred metres of the main intersections, you can find restaurants, grocery stores, bars, cafés, banks, a pharmacy, schools, daycares, company offices, religious centers and probably Stockholm’s best walk-by-the-water. But most of all, Kungsholmstorg has us. We are the people who work here, have fun here, live here, go to school here, visit here, beg here and sell here. We are the people of Kungsholmstorg and our challenge is how on earth are we supposed to live and develop together?


In April 2015, we began that conversation with our first meeting. 10 participants representing a diverse set of stakeholders participated, ranging from the most significant local retail establishments to the police, banks, government and other businesses, religious groups and local schools. On Sept 4, 2015, the group had its first successful event Kungsholmstorg Day and launched a platform for locals to find each and engage. Sep 30, 2016, inspired by ‘100 in a day’ events internationally, Kungsholmstorg Day happened again.  The event included a new logo, website, project leader (sponsored by THREAD) and a digital participation platform (sponsored by Swedbank.)  84 people organized events on the day, all designed to make the local community a little more fun, a little more generous and a little more connected. September 15, 2017 the event had 114 small events and took another step forward (read DN columnist’s article here). Check it out at If you care about your community and want to take initiative, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Max Lauritzen, THREAD. If you think you can contribute with resources, tips or ideas, don’t hesitate to send an email to Max ( or

Featured Challenge 3, OpenTHREAD #7:




How might a community like Sollentuna thrive through increased cooperation between different stakeholders in the community?

Sollentuna, the home of THREAD employee Mats Levin, is full of contrasts. The municipality has welcomed a significant number of immigrants during the past year and is in need of cooperation, cross-sector collaboration and creativity to continue to develop a thriving community. Here an OpenTHREAD group executed Sollentunadagen 2016, as a first step to collaborating for a sustainable community. Now talks are ongoing about future events and initiatives within the network that was created, including integrating efforts with the ongoing discussion about Tillväxt Stockholms launch in the municipality of Sollentuna.

Supporting partners on this challenge can be found at

We have completed event one and a network of people are continuing to work together for the betterment of the local area.

If you think you can contribute with resources, tips or ideas, don’t hesitate to send an email to Mats (

You can find more information about other challenges further down this page and keep your eye on


Featured Challenge 3, OpenTHREAD #6:




OpenTHREAD #6 – Mötesplats VårberG (MVG) from THREADfilms on Vimeo.


Vårberg, an area located south of Stockholm, has during this past year been widely mentioned in national media. Unfortunately, the reason for this publicity has been due to criminal activity and drug trafficking in the area. This has given Vårberg a reputation that many of the local residents feel is unjust and can lead to young people losing hope. One person trying to do something about that is our challenge owner, Gashaw Hailu.

Starting in September 2014, OpenTHREAD became active to support him and his organiztion. MVG (Mötesplats Vårberg) is a relatively newly started organization using events and multimedia to work with local youth. The initiative believes that there is always something that a young teen is good at, or with a little boost, can get good at and develop a positive sense of self. Their objective is to:

– support every teen in the project to earn an ‘MVG’ (Mycket väl Godkänd, a top-grade) in something they enjoy,
– Help them broaden their network by getting to know people outside Vårberg
– equip them with knowledge and tools to help empower them ‘be the change they want to see’ in Vårberg
and thus feel more a part of the society they live in.

Supporting partners on this challenge are Stena Fastigheter and Stendörren Fastigheter that have supported the project with a physical space and an open attitude to dialogue.

We have completed two workshops involving a network of people and youth from the local area and members of the OpenTHREAD network continue to work to provide the youth in the project with meaningful experiences and contacts within, and outside, the Vårberg area.

If you think you can contribute with resources, tips or ideas, don’t hesitate to send an email to Stevie ( or Gashaw –

You can find more information about other challenges further down this page and keep your eye on


Before you leave this page, our challenge to you is, ‘don’t hesitate. ‘  Isn’t that often what we do?  In a country like Sweden, where life has been pretty good for quite some time, the jump to taking individual action around something you would like to improve, takes courage.  We believe that lots of people want to get engaged in making the world around them better but often lack the platform.  That is why we have created OpenTHREAD.  We are here to make that first step easy.  Whether you are a young person looking for opportunities, an established business professional or a passionate mother of three, let’s talk.  Here are four easy options to GET ENGAGED:

1.  Send us your challenge – Start a Conversation and tell us what you are passionate about.
2.  Share an idea around an existing challenge
3.  Volunteer to get involved in a challenge by applying for a position at the event or on the implementation team.
4.  Invest or Give.  Some of our challenge owners are non-profit or start-up businesses with limited access to resources.  If you are interested in funding a project in the implementation phase or making a donation, please let us know.

So remember, if you have an idea or want to get involved, let’s talk.  It doesn’t have to be perfect, we certainly aren’t, but we have experience and a network of inspiring people that might be able to help.  We are open-minded and motivated by working with others who believe, ‘the stone age didn’t end because we ran out of stones.’  Send us your challenge and let’s start a dialogue about how we can collaborate and create positive change through meaningful disruption.


OpenThread Intro from THREADfilms on Vimeo.

Inspired by OpenIDEO, a world-leading California based design-firm, THREAD organizes several events per year to find innovative sustainable solutions to local issues that affect us all.  To be local is important to us.  While OpenIDEO’s focus on global issues is inspiring, it can sometimes feel overwhelming.  Our focus is on creating momentum and catalyzing positive change with the people we know in the communities we live.  Each OpenTHREAD has a clear structure and flows through five phases. The process is designed to make it simple to get involved, work with others and test our social engagement muscles without having to make life-long commitments.  Welcome to OpenTHREAD.


Challenge Selection:

OpenTHREAD is constantly reviewing proposals.  If you have a challenge that matters, contact us.  You do not need to write a big fancy project plan, just tell us why you believe in what you do and how your success will make our world a better place.

Current Challenges:

Challenge Owner:  Kevin Ryan, THREAD

The Challenge:  Kungsholmstorg (Stockholm) has everything, including the challenge of dealing with change. How might we work together to live and develop a space in our community that we all share?

Current Phase:  THE ACTION PHASE – After a successful event on the 4th of September 2015, ‘Kungsholmstorg’s Day,’ the team of local enthusiasts joined forces to create a year 2 edition of ‘Kungsholmstorg’s Day’ (September 30, 2016.) Now plans are underway for 2017 (Sep 15.) If you want to join in, or learn more about the challenge visit us at  We are also working on scaling this concept by creating similar initiatives in other communities in Stockholm.

Previous Challenges:


OT logo draft 1Challenge Owner:  Stephen Gyasi, THREAD

The Challenge:  How might we scale OpenTHREAD’s impact by creating a digital platform which brings together people who want to make a difference with people in need?  How might such a platform look?

Current Phase:  THE ACTION PLAN – The output of the event was so inspiring that THREAD decided to invest resources in creating a prototype which is now close to completion.  We are in discussions with investors currently and pushing for a launch during 2015.  Keep your eye on for more info.

For OpenTHREAD App Investment Opportunities:, THREAD

cides-logo-smallChallenge Owner/Video:  Sam at Fryshuset – Click for Video

The Challenge:  How might we engage local companies and people in Malmö to support Fryshuset CIDES’s activity house for troubled youth?

Current Phase:  THE ACTION PLAN – After a successful event generating new concepts for development and financing, we continue to be a support resource for the project and have made a small donation to the cause. Kevin also joined the board of Fryshuset in 2014 and is working with the overall organization’s development.

OpenTHREAD Challenge Owner:  Camila Salazar /, THREAD

461X270_logo-cirkel-redChallenge Owner:  Fryshuset Inc.  – Swedish Youth Entrepreneur Project

The Challenge:  How might we engage young entrepreneurs in an ongoing conversation both at and after the ‘Swedish Youth Entrepreneur’ event?

Current Phase:  THE ACTION PLAN – After a successful event we continue to be a support resource for the project. Kevin also joined the board of Fryshuset in 2014 and is working with the overall organization’s development.

OpenTHREAD Project Leader:  Stephen Gyasi, THREAD

Challenge Owner:  Svenska Downföreningen

The Challenge:  How might we improve the association’s presence at Lidingöloppet to increase acceptance and tolerance for diversity in society?

Current Phase:  THE ACTION PLAN – we ran an OpenTHREAD think tank event and generated ideas for them. In September 2013, twice as many people ran for the cause at Lidingöloppet, sponsored by THREAD.  THREAD contributed with a donation, consulting services pro-bono and the development of a brand and communication concept which was implemented.  The relationship between THREAD and Svenska Downföreningen continues today.

OpenTHREAD Project LeaderStephen GyasiTHREAD

nordic dialogueChallenge Owner:  Nordic Dialogue (In partnership with the Swedish Embassy in Belgrade)

The Challenge:  How might we use internships and outsourcing as a tool for engaging young people in post-war struggling economies like Serbia to believe in the future and succeed?

Current Phase:  UP AND RUNNING – We have a full-time intern from Serbia, we have visited Belgrade on the THREAD leadership experience and are working with a group of young professionals who provide IT, virtual assistant and translation services.

OpenTHREAD project leader: Kristina Maksimovic, THREAD

Do you or someone you know want to volunteer or contribute? Let’s start a conversation.



We have brought together an unusual cast of characters to create something we call THREADnet.  These individuals have been hand-picked to create a diverse and passionate talent pool to support OpenTHREAD initiatives.  You’ll notice that while each member of the team of volunteers is quite unique, we are also quite similar.  On a project by project basis, OpenTHREAD utilizes different combinations of people to inject our work with ideas, laughter and inspiration.  This adds freshness and innovativeness to everything we do and fuels a contagious spirit of true collaboration.

These volunteers are the people of THREADnet.

Eva Widgren
Project Mgr. Ung08
Kevin Ryan
Anna-Carin Lagerlöf
Country Mg, IDEXX
Fredrik Torstensson
Creative Director
Stevie Giasie
Brand Management
Camilla Salazar
Leo Razzak
Social Entrepreneur
Klas Westman
HR Director Stadium
Andrei Gamalan
Malin Löfmark
Leif Bohlin
CEO eBuilder
Maria Akraka
Maria Akraka
Emma Svensson
Fernando Munoz
Ulrica Stigberg
Linn Stålberg
Art Director
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