‘When I was in college my teammates used to call it the gameday smile.  I couldn’t stop it from bursting out when I knew I was only hours from tip-off.  Even today,  the spirit lives on, no matter the situation,  I feel like everyday is still gameday.  I have spent most of my life in the sports world and the reality is that today, pursuing your passion as an athlete is more complicated than ever.  It requires more than a love for the game to be successful.  At THREAD we are building a new kind of sports advisory service to support athletic performance and keep the passion for the game alive.  We sponsor initiatives and people we believe in, provide mental training and counselling services to clubs, federations and most of all players. Kevin Ryan.  Learn more.

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We are building a new kind of sports agency to support athletic performance and keep the passion for the game alive.  THREADsports works to make the lives of athletes more meaningful and successful by helping them manage their career.  We help athletes negotiate with clubs and sponsors, maintain perspective and help them plan for life after sports.  We organize sports events for youth and business to spread our passion for sport and create jobs for athletes.

Basketball Player Representation

We once represented a select group of players. However, in 2016 we decided to cancel the FIBA agent license and work as an independent sports advisory. We have noticed during our years of experience that navigating this journey can be lonely and difficult.  Our goal is to support players and their families to increase the chances of success both on the court and in life. We do not negotiate contracts or contact clubs, however, we do offer advice and coaching to help athletes make their own decisions in a complex environment. Contact us if you would like to discuss.

Basketball Player Development

We run clinics, create talent development programs and organize youth basketball camps to inspire the next generation of international basketball players.

Sports at Work

THREAD has executed more than 50 company events using sport as a tool to bring people together through competition.  The events  demonstrate the need for collaboration, personal responsibility, teamwork, communication and drive.  Uniquely, THREAD is known for bringing sport into the board room by using these experiences to drive learning and development within business teams.  You could say, we speak both languages.  Of course, if you ask the participants, they will just tell you it was a whole lot of fun and that is important too.  Perhaps the combination is what makes THREADsports events special.

We offer:

– Basketball, American Football (non-contact), Floorball (Innebandy), Ice Hockey, Dodgeball, Orienteering, Baseball and Soccer.

Integrating sports with business consulting activities is also a way for our network of players to get exposure to new forms of work and aid the transition to life after sports.


Coach Anders Härd


Position: Project Leader THREADsports / Talent Development Coach (Basketball)

Merits within Swedish Women’s Elite Basketball:






Former player Mats Levin

Solna3-1Position: Project Leader THREADsports Mens side/Player Mentorship and development

Merits within International Elite Basketball:






Former GM Kevin Ryan

IMG_6310Position: Mentor / Advisor

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