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The Meaningful Organization

A journey that engages senior leaders and employees to identify and nurture their core beliefs (purpose and values)  within the culture of a company.  This includes understanding how that culture drives the success of the core business strategy and catalyzing the necessary changes to reach alignment.

Meaningful Executive Coaching

1 on 1 coaching support to help individuals turn insights and inspiration into daily action.

Meaningful Leadership Teams

A training and development program designed to improve collaboration and drive results.

Meaningful Leadership Program

In an organization driven by purpose, it is essential to have leaders who not only understand the point but are also ambassadors for what the company believes.  The values-driven leadership program is designed to build strong advocacy for the company strategy and desired company culture by engaging senior leaders in the journey.  This engagement begins with each individual looking into themselves and defining what it takes to be an authentic leader in this context.  Participants are provided with tools and a framework during the course which strongly encourages self-reflection.  Participants are challenged to disrupt unproductive habits and re-apply learnings to daily leadership decision-making.

Meaningful Innovation

A team which is engaged behind a meaningful challenge instead of being locked into an arduous process, is more creative.  To be truly innovative, participants need to be able to break patterns and trust both the process and the other individuals they work with.  This doesn’t happen naturally and requires intervention.  We create a trusting environment where everyone understands why we are there, who the other individuals are in the room and how to use the innovation process to drive success collaboration.

Meaningful Recruitment/Evaluation

IMG_5869Any organization with a strong culture that puts a high value on its people depends heavily on attracting, keeping and utilizing the right people in the right place.  THREAD offers support in evaluating and utilizing existing staff, as well as, support in identifying the profile of ideal candidates with the context of the company culture and their potential teammates.

Courses and Trainings

We have designed a select number of courses in a more standardized format in order to allow our customers the chance to bring new employees up-to-speed.  We run these courses on-demand and focus primarily on existing customers.  Each training still builds on THREAD’s pragmatic values and prioritizes the needs of the individuals involved.  As a result, groups are kept small and there is a focus on experiential learning, active participation, teaching a select set of tools and forcing reapplication into the daily work.

– DISC Applied Empathy Training

– Cross cultural communication

– Presentation Skills

– Leadership Basics for new managers

– Meaningful Leadership Program (see above)

– Overcoming Language Development Hurdles – a course in courage training (English, Swedish, Serbian)

– Lifestyle Design – Finding balance.

All programs are offered in English and Swedish.  Some programs are also offered in Serbian and Twi (Ghanaian.)  Contact us for more information.



For many of our clients it is essential to keep employees, partners and investors up to date with current projects, latests new and stories.THREADcommunication offers new ways of getting that story told with creative and engaging communications methods.

We create innovative corporate communication campaigns using video, sound and images. We believe that the best communication is a relevant communication. Our goal with every communication case is to engage and involve the target audience as much as possible.

– Project Communication – Results-oriented presentations for national and global projects using video and/or website)
– Introduction & Presentation – Promotional Video and Presentations of New projects, Corporate news
– Special Request – Competitions, Challenges

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