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TillvĂ€xt Stockholm – Live in Botkyrka

Posted on Tuesday, February 13, 2018 in Uncategorized | 0 comments
Written by Kevin Ryan

First stop Botkyrka. Now we are live 🙂 The municipality of Botkyrka joins the list of THREAD customers as we work to establish the TillvĂ€xt Stockholm model there. On a practical level this means I have committed 50% of my (Kevin) time to this initiative in 2018. We have already have a great team, smart concept and a meaningful cause. The remainder of my time will continue to be invested in the other parts of THREAD’s business and in 2018 this includes HiQ, Stadium, Implema, TechniaTranscat, Acast, Curacity etc. It will be an Interesting journey ahead with my co-founders, investor team and pro-bono partners, inlcuding:

  • Michael Treschow (TS ordf) tidigare ordf. Unilever, Ericsson m fl. samt tidigare koncernchef för Atlas Copco och Electrolux

  • Alexsander af Jochnick, ordf. Oriflame, styrelseledamot Postkodföreningen, aktiv investerare

  • Sebastian af Jochnick, grundare av Retail Knowledge, aktiv investerare

  • Jeremias Andersson, grundare av Academic Work, serieentreprenör

  • Kristoffer Jeansson, grundare av Ryskaposten, serieentreprenör

  • Patrik WahlĂ©n, grundare Volati och Wahlén & Partner.

  • Carin WahlĂ©n, grundare Wahlén & Partner

  • Emad Zand, fd VD för Avesina hörsel, aktiv investerare

  • Dani Evanoff, Grundare Godiskungen, serieentreprenör

  • Lina von Post, vd Nära Hjärtat AB

  • Dimitris Gioulekas, vd Knighttec AB

  • Faje Gani, Head of Twitter Nordics, Sellbranch

  • Leo Razzak, Social entreprenör och mediaprofil

INFO: TillvÀxt Stockholm (TS)

Entrepreneurs create jobs and jobs are good for integration. We provide business development services and access to capital, contacts and other pro-bono professional services to entrepreneurs with between 5-50 employees who want to grow by employing people outside the mainstream labour market. Our investor team has already committed 30 msek to invest in just these types of local businesses. TS is a non-profit initiative driven by business people but financing is shared between the public and private sector, promoting collaboration and optimising resources. For more information visit

The initiative is co-founded by Chairman Michael Treschow and CEO Kevin Ryan, Investors Jeremias Andersson, Patrik och Carin WahlĂ©n, Kristoffer Jeansson and Alexander and Sebastian af Jochnick. TS is inspired by Uppsart Malmö (founded by Dan Olofsson) and TillvĂ€xt Helsingborg (Chairman Jenny LindĂ©n Urnes). Along with their teams, these social entrepreneurs have proven the concept works and created ‘meaningful’ employment at a lower cost than other initiatives, gaining national attention. After 8 months of work during 2017 TS announced Botkyrka as the first partner municipality in the greater Stockholm area. The municipality approved a budget of 25 msek with a goal of 1000 jobs in the coming 5 years. THREAD is now working to establish the initiative for TillvĂ€xt and recruiting people. You can read more and apply at

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